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Public Notices

Listed below are the current Public Notices published by the Seattle District for proposed projects within the state of Washington. The Public Notices are sorted by Effective Date and are provided in PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC to view these files. You may download Adobe free from

Viewing Public Notices. To view a Public Notice, left-click on the Permit Application Number (highlighted in blue). To download the file to your PC, right-click on the Permit Application Number, then select "Save Target As" from the menu.

How to Submit Comments. To submit comments via E-mail, left-click on the respective Project Manager's name in the table below. To submit comments in writing, send them to the respective Project Manager at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District Regulatory Branch, P.O. Box 3755, Seattle, WA 98124-3755. All comments should include the permit application number and project name, your name, address, and phone number.

How to be Added to the Public Notice Mailing List. Please submit your email address to the Regulatory Branch: Attention: Shannon Wilson

Email Address Changes. If you change your email address, you will need to contact Shannon Wilson. Please provide your old address and your new address. Emails returned due to a change of address will be deleted from our electronic mailing list system.

Issued Date Expiration Date Applicant Project Description Permit Application No. County Project Manager
30-Jul-2015  29-Aug-2015 

Pacific Trails East Homes, LLC 

Fill Wetlands  NWS-2015-570  Whatcom  Perry 
24-Jul-2015  23-Aug-2015  U.S. Coast Guard  Maintenance Dredging  NWS-2015-315  Pacific  Wilcox 
23-Jul-2015  22-Aug-2015  Habitat Bank LLC  Proposed mitigation bank  NWS-2015-414 and Prospectus  King  Anderson 
22-Jul-2015  21-Aug-2015  Crystal View Estate HOA  Remove marina and build new marina  NWS-2014-1143  Chelan  Knaub 
10-Jul-2015  10-Aug-2015  City of Tumwater  Excavate and place fill  NWS-2013-181  Thurston  Habel 
9-Jul-2015  11-Aug-2015  City of Bellevue  Create Waterfront Park  NWS-2015-196  King  Shuckhart 
2-Jul-2015  1-Aug-2015  Port of Seattle  Structural Upgrades  NWS-2015-469-WRD  King  Romano 
2-Jul-2015  1-Aug-2015  Skagit Co. Drainage & Irrigation Improvement District No.15  Excavate and place fill  NWS-2009-528  Skagit  Perry 
2-Jul-2015  1-Aug-2015  Tesoro Savage Petroleum Terminal, LLC 

Seismic and safety upgrades and utility line work 

NWS-2013-962  Clark  Manlow 
30-Jun-2015  30-Jul-2015 Skagit Co. Drainage & Irrigation Improvement District No. 25 5-year maintenance plan  NWS-2009-153  Skagit Perry
 30-Jun-2015 30-Jul-2015 Skagit Co. Drainage & Irrigation Improvement District No. 18 5-year maintenance plan  NWS-2009-217   Skagit  Perry

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