Commonly Used Forms, Templates and Information Papers

Note: Documents are in the pdf format unless otherwise noted.  For documents in WORD, instead of "opening" the document, use the "save" function to utilize the document.

Alternatives Analysis Framework

As-Built / Status Report for Mitigation Work Completion (for non-wetland mitigation sites) (pdf version) (Word version)

Certificate of Compliance - Statement of Compliance (pdf version)  

Clean Water Act Laws, Extracts, and Definitions  

Clean Water Act and Rivers and Harbors Act Laws, Extracts, and Definitions   

Coastal Zone Management - Certificate of Consistency with the Washington State Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Program (Washington State Department of Ecology Form)  

Compensatory Mitigation Plan Contents and Checklist

Components of a Complete Eelgrass Delineation Report, UPDATED January 9, 2018

Components of a Complete Wetland Delineation Report 

Components of a Mitigation Plan per the Final Rule

Drawing Checklist  

EPA's Best Management Practices for Piling Removal 

Eng Form 4345 - National Permit Application Form for a Department of the Army Permit

General Implementation Conditions for Phase I Programmatic ESA Consultation 

Gold Mining - Recreational: See Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, Gold and Fish Rules  

Guidance to Applicants for DA Permits (How to respond to public notice comments) 

JARPA - State Permit Application Form Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application. Here is the link to the "One-Stop Permitting Service" where you can download the latest version of the JARPA.  This is a State of Washington website with a lot of great information on when you need a permit and how to fill out the JARPA form.   

Key Elements of the Federal Rule and the Joint Agency Guidance on Mitigation

Mitigation Completion (As-built) Status Report (for riparian planting sites) (pdf version) (Word version)

Mitigation Planting Monitoring Report Format (for wetland mitigation site)  

Mitigation Planting Monitoring Report (for riparian planting sites) (pdf version) (Word version)  

Pre-App Meeting Request (Word version)

Recording a permit and/or mitigation on a property deed

Regional General Permits (RGP) Full Text and Appendices  

Reporting an Alleged Violation (pdf Version)  (Word version)  

Riparian Planting Plan Requirements

Tributary and Wetland Information List (Word version)  

Wetland Delineation Data Form for Arid West Supplement Version 2.0 (Word version)  

Wetland Delineation Data Form for WMVC Supplement Version 2.0 (Word version)