Construction Specifications

Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS)

This page is a source of Specifications to be used by in-house and A/Es designers when preparing project specifications for the Seattle District Corps of Engineers. The specifications are divided into two sections. The first section is the UFGS specifications.

The second Seattle District Specifications are to be used for including Seattle District's regional and customer specific requirements.

When selecting specifications to be used on a project the first step is to select the "UFGS" as applicable to the project. These shall be edited per requirements in related Engineer Regulations.  The "NPS" are for obtaining the information that needs to go in the final project specifications using UFGS. Use UFGS specs that have numbers only or have "A" followed by numbers.

The AE prepares specifications for Divisions 2 through Division 16; Seattle District prepares specifications for Division 1, with AE input for the following: Bid Schedule, Specific Site Conditions, Table 1 - Minimum Testing, Submittal Register ENG FORM 4288

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