NWS Contracting Opportunities

Provides Military and Civil Works services and support to other agencies. Seattle District plays a key role in environmental protection and improvement, from protecting wetlands to ecological restoration and cleaning up hazardous and toxic waste pollution.

The District’s military mission includes designing and building projects for the Army, Air Force and Army Reserve, and providing technical services to other armed forces upon request. The District operates Chief Joseph Dam in Bridgeport, Washington; Albeni Falls Dam in Oldtown, Idaho; Libby Dam in Libby, Montana; and Hiram Chittenden (Ballard) Locks in Seattle, Washington.

Web: https://www.nws.usace.army.mil/Business-With-Us/

This information is provided to serve as a reference for potential contracting and subcontracting opportunities from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The information is subject to change without notice.


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Upcoming/Forecasted Opportunities FY23

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NAICSProject LocationProject and DescriptionEst Advertise DateType of WorkAnticipated Magnitude/CapacityProcurement Method
237990Wilapa Bay, WAMaintenance DredgingQ1 FY23 $1M - $5MTBD
237990Chief Joseph Dam, WASpillway Sump Pumps and Controls BPA LCAPReplace CJD spillway sump pumps and controls. Dam safety project to support project operations at the dam.Q2 FY23 $1M - $5MTBD
TBDGrays Harbor, WANorth Jetty RepairQ4 FY23 $1M - $5MTBD
236220Keyport, WANUWC B-82 WindowsB-82 windows - replace, 2 or 4 sides, plus exterior finish-weather seal.Q2 FY24 $500K - $1MTBD
TBDAlbeni Falls Dam, IDWork Boat for Natural Resources Management (NRM)Purchase One 24 Landing Craft Munson 24 PackCat or equivalent.TBD NATBD
237990Lake Washington Ship Canal, WASmall Lock Machinery Replacement Project Remove and dispose of the existing machinery and controls that operate the miter gates, valves, and controls system, increase the size of the existing machinery recesses, and install the compact hydraulic machinery, reconnect to the existing gates, and install the necessary electrical components to connect to the master PLC and Remote I/O Panels.Q1 FY23Construction$5M - $10M8 (a)
237990Yakima, WAEcosystem Restoration Construct restoration of ecosystem degradations that exist as a result of a past federal action (i.e. construction of the two upstream federal levees, Yakima Authorized Left Bank and Yakima Authorized Right Bank) and all incidental related work. Yakima County is the Non-Federal Sponsor who owns and maintains the project lands.Q1 FY23Construction$10M - $25MTBD
333923Chief Joseph Dam, WADebris Booms Removing the existing debris boom, abandoning the existing mid-river anchor points, drilling one shoreline anchor, installing the new debris boom and boat gate, and removing selected cathodic protection equipment. Q1 FY23Construction$1M - $5MTBD
237990Mountlake Terrace, WAEcosystem Res Project Lake Ballinger Restore wetland functions and riparian habitat and would improve Essential Fish Habitat for coho and Chinook salmon, as designated by the National Marine Fisheries Services in accordance with the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.Q1 FY23Construction$5M - $10MTBD
236220Corvallis, ORAgricultural Research Services (ARS) and Oregon State University (OSU) Research Laboratory Construction ContractQ1 FY23Construction$10M - $25MSB
237990Skokomish River Mason County, WASkokomish River Env. Restoration Contract The construction project is a river restoration project in Mason County, Washington that includes construction of engineered log jams in the upstream reaches of the river, a levee removal, a side channel reconnection, and wetland restoration at two sites.Q2 FY23Construction$10M - $25MSB
541330Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WAAE Mechanical, Electrical, FS Single Award Task Order Contract (SATOC) Architect-Engineer Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) Contract for Mechanical, Electrical, and Fire Suppression Design Services at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WATBDA-E$25M-$100MSB
237990Chief Joseph Dam, WAIsophase Powerbus Units 1-16 Replacement of the 7000 amperes sections of the iso-phase bus for units 1-4.Q2 FY23Construction$10M - $25MTBD
541620Malmstrom AFB, MT; Mt. Home AFB, ID; Fairchild AFB, WAReplacement Triple F2F contract Environmental operations and services contract provides for environmental compliance, pollution prevention (P2), and environmental operations and maintenance (O&M) support activities necessary to support the Air Force (AF), AFCEC, and MAFB, MHAFB, and FAFB environmental mission requirements. TBD FY23Environmental$10M-$25MTBD
236220Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WAConstruct Barracks Design and construct a new three – story, 150-person, barracks. Primary facilities include living, sleeping quarters, baths, storage, services areas, information system, fire protection, alarm system, Energy Monitoring Control Systems (EMCS) connection, and cybersecurity measures. Supporting facilities includes Site development such as demolition, utility connections, electrical power, telecommunications, streetlights, pedestrian lights, site lighting, street paving, road improvements, parking, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, potable water, stormwater, wastewater, information systems, landscaping, signage and sport courts, heating and air conditioning will be provided by a self-contained system utilizing the base’s available energy utilities.TBD FY23Construction$25M - $100MSB
236220Bainbridge Island, WAWyckoff Debris Removal & Wall Replacement Construction project on Bainbridge Island to remediate POL contamination.TBD FY23Construction$25M - $100MTBD
236220Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WATactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) TBD FY24Construction$10M - $25MTBD
237990Oldtown, IDFish Passage Facility (2 phase Design Build) This project will advance & finalize the design for a fish passage facility at Albeni Falls Dam.Phase 1 - Q1FY23 Phase 2 - Q3FY23 $25M-$100MTBD
237990Libby Dam, MTT-1 Transformers Rehab - Refurbishment of the generator step up transformer T1 at the Libby Lock and Dam to replace those failed or failing components that threaten the near-term reliability of the transformer. Q1FY23A-E$1M - $5MTBD
TBD Chief Joseph Dam, WAExciters Replacement of excitation systems 1-16 at the Chief Joseph Dam in Bridgeport, WA. Q1FY23Construction $10M-$25MTBD
237990Libby Dam, MTUnit 6 Installation - The work includes installing Generator Unit 6 using government-furnished, brand name, and other purchased equipment, testing, and commissioning for commercial service. Q3FY23Electrical $10M-$25MTBD
TBDMud Mountain Dam, WALower Cascade Creek Water Control Facility TBD FY23 $5M-$10MTBD
TBD Quillayute, WAQuillayute Sea Dike Repair -Q2 FY23 $10M-$25MUnrestricted
236220Barstow, CADLA-Barstow Disposition Services Warehouse Reno - Repair/modernize Warehouse 14 and truck flowQ1FY23 $10M-$25MUnrestricted
236220Mountain Home AFB, IDConstruct Water Treatment Plan and Pump Station Q2FY23Construction $25M-$100MUnrestricted