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Upcoming/Forecasted Opportunities

DescriptionLocationType of WorkSolicitation NumberCapacityEst Advertise DateMethodAnticipated Set-Aside
Veterans Affairs American Lake Seismic Corrections (VAAL) Phase 3 A-E Design Services AE Design services needed to support seismic corrections and renovations of building 81/81AC.American Lake - Tacoma, WAA-E ServicesPANNWD-19-P-0000 003265$21MFY2020Q1Single-Award Task Order Contract (SATOC)Unrestricted
Removal and Disposal of Collected Debris Off-loading, separating and proper disposal of all collected debris. During hauling of debris, contractor shall insure all debris is contained, tied down, or enclosed to prevent leaking, spilling or blowing off. Contractor to insure all off-loaded debris is disposed in an authorized landfill/transfer station or recycling station.Ballard Locks, WAServicePANNWD-19-P-0000 000426 W912DW-19-Q-0069Not ApplicableFY2020Q1Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceSmall Business
Breakwater A Repair Repair of a segment of Breakwater A in front of Harbor Resort.Grays Harbor, WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 002693$1M - $5MFY2020Q1Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceTBD
Squadron Operations Facility, Parachute Drying Tower and Covered Storage Combined 85,000 Square Footage (SF), squadron operations building and eight-story parachute drying tower, 12,000 SF covered storage area, and 60,300 SF of demolition for five buildings/structuresJoint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 002763 W912DW-20-R-0001$25M - $100MFY2020Q1Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceSmall Business
Roads and Airfield Paving Projects Covers a broad range of maintenance, repair, and minor construction work on roadway pavement, airfield pavement, and incidental utility infrastructure at sitesJoint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WAConstructionPANNWD-18-P-0000 017012 W912DW-19-R-0011$45MFY2020Q1Single-Award Task Order Contract (SATOC)8(a)
Preventative Maintenance and Repair of World War II Era and Re-locatable Facilities Repair and Maintenance of approximately 131 WWII era and relocatable government owned facilities. The majority of work performed under this contract will be minor repair services on a call basis and yearly maintenance services.Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 003955$1M - $5MFY2020Q1Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceService-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
Small Lock Machinery and Controls Replacement Construction contract based on INDC design to replace the machinery and controls associated with the gates and valves on the small lock.Lake Washington Ship Cannal (LWSC), WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 006159$5M - $10MFY2020Q1Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceTBD
Small Lock Emergency Closure System CraneLake Washington Ship Cannal (LWSC), WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 006160$1M - $5MFY2020Q1Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceTBD
EQ Services Contract Work includes environmental inspections, cultural, wildlife, and natural resources inspections.Yakima Training Center (YTC), WAEnvironmentalPANNWD-19-P-0000 004209 W912DW-20-R-0002$7MFY2020Q1Single-Award Task Order Contract (SATOC)8(a)
Vessel Maintenace Services Provide maintenance services for vessels. Specific maintenance requirements and schedules will be described in individual task orders.Chief Joseph Dam (CJD), WAServicePANNWD-20-P-0000 000085$200KFY2020Q1Single-Award Task Order Contract (SATOC)TBD
Cultural Resource Survey Cultural resource survey and inventory. including inventory is historic and evaluation of historic structures. Reports and research design are also requested.Duckabush River, WAEnvironmentalPANNWD-19-P-0000 007819Not ApplicableFY2020Q1Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceTBD
Septic/Vault/Portable Pumping Perform pumping services of septic tanks, vault toilets tanks, Government owned portable toilets and provide rental portable toilets a defined in the performance work statement.Chief Joseph Dam (CJD), WAServicePANNWD-20-P-0000 000382Not ApplicableFY2020Q2Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceTBD
Armed Guard Security Services Security Guard (CSG) services for Chief Joseph Dam (CJD) on the Columbia River in eastern Washington State. Authority for CSGs performing security functions is prescribed in AR 190-56, The Army Civilian Police and Security Guard Program.Chief Joseph Dam (CJD), WAServicePANNWD-20-P-0000 000337Not ApplicableFY2020Q2Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceTBD
Repair Taxiway F and G Repair the Arm/Disarm Pad pavement adjacent to Taxiway Foxtrot, full depth, and mill overlay Taxiway Foxtrot. Repair Taxiway Golf, full depth, and mill overlay Taxiway Golf.Mountain Home Air Force Base (MHAFB), IDConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 000865$5M - $10MFY2020Q2Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceUnrestricted
Garbage Pick-up and Dumpster RentalMud Mountain and Howard Hanson Dam, WAServicePANNWD-20-P-0000 000012Not ApplicableFY2020Q2Purchase Order Firm-Fixed PriceSmall Business
Cultural Work This IDIQ is to replace the existing IDIQ that expires in FY 2019. The IDIQ will be for ongoing cultural resource assistance at the CJD operating area. May include survey, excavation, meetings, and reports.Chief Joseph Dam (CJD), WAEnvironmentalPANNWD-19-P-0000 006224$900KFY2020Q2Single-Award Task Order Contract (SATOC)TBD
Elevator Maintenance Non-personal, professional services to provide maintenance services for CJD powerhouse and spillway elevators.Chief Joseph Dam (CJD), WAServicePANNWD-20-P-0000 000344$225KFY2020Q2Single-Award Task Order Contract (SATOC)TBD
Grounds Maintenance Provide grounds maintenance and related facilities along Rufus Woods Lake. This is seasonal work that shall be performed from 1 April thru 31 October of each performance year.Chief Joseph Dam (CJD), WAServicePANNWD-20-P-0000 000340Not ApplicableFY2020Q2Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceTBD
Repair Fuel Hydrant System, Spots 25-28 Work include repairs to pavement, Instrusion Detection System (IDS), Fuel Hydrant System and Petroleum Contaminated Soil Remediation.Fairchild Air Force Base (FAFB), WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 002480$5M - $10MFY2020Q3Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceTBD
Maintenance DredgingGrays Harbor, WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 010457$1M - $5MFY2020Q3Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceSmall Business
Maintenance Dredging - ClamshellKenmore, WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 010458$1M - $5MFY2020Q3Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceSmall Business
Maintenance Dredging - ClamshellSnohomish, WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 010456$1M - $5MFY2020Q3Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceSmall Business
ADAL Flight Simulator Training Facility Construction of a single-story, 4,200 Square Foot (SF) addition to house a third KC-135 operational flight trainer (OFT)Fairchild Air Force Base (FAFB), WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000-002478$1M - $5MFY2020Q4Single-Award Firm-Fixed Price8(a)
Maintenance Dredging - ClamshellKeystone, WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 010444$1M - $5MFY2020Q4Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceSmall Business
Weapons Storage and Maintenance Facility Consolidated weapons storage and maintenance facility of approximately 8,450 SM (91,260SF) on a 42 acres site that provides training, security, maintenance, and storage functions within a single facility. Functional areas include loading, training, warehousing, inspection, maintenance, administration, utility systems, and storage areas. As a hardened, secure, multifunction facility, a series of security features and controls will be incorporated into the construction.Malmstrom Air Force Base (MAFB), MTConstructionPANNWD-18-P-0000 019495$100M - $250MFY2020Q4Single-Award Firm-Fixed PriceUnrestricted
Veterans Affairs American Lake Seismic Corrections (VAAL), Phase 2 Building 201 Construction of 76,125 GSF seismically safe modern outpatient medical facility (Bldg 201).American Lake - Tacoma, WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 000646 W912DW-19-R-0009$25M - $100MFY2020TBDSingle-Award Firm-Fixed PriceUnrestricted
Fence to Fence Environmental ServicesFairchild Air Force Base (FAFB), WAEnvironmentalPANNWD-19-P-0000 002860Not ApplicableFY2020TBDSingle-Award Firm-Fixed PriceTBD
Enviromental Quality (EQ) Program Services. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Pollution Prevention and Installation Sustainability Programs, Compliance Program Support, Cultural Resource Program Support and Wildlife and Natural Resource Program Support at YTC. Specific programs supported by this action include: Air, Water, Environmental Compliance, Cultural, Pollution Prevention (P2), NEPA, Wildlife, Natural Resources, Solid Waste, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Sustainability, and Toxic Substances.Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) and Yakima Training Center (YTC), WAEnvironmentalPANNWD-19-P-0000 002331Not ApplicableFY2020TBDSingle-Award Firm-Fixed Price8(a)
Fish Weir Removal The scope is the removal of fish weir on Muck Creek at JBLM. Work also included re-vegetation on both sides of the Muck creek in the area of the fish weir.Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WAEnvironmentalPANNWD-19-P-0000 003447Not ApplicableFY2020TBDSingle-Award Firm-Fixed PriceTBD
Large Lock Center Miter Gate The project will replace the center miter gates of LWSC large lock. It will also replace appurtenances like pintles, wall quoins, anchoring structures and the pedestrian walkway.Lake Washington Ship Cannal (LWSC), WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 005052$5M - $10MFY2020TBDSingle-Award Firm-Fixed PriceTBD
Repair Fire StationMcChord Field, WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 006695 W912DW-19-R-TBD1$10M - $25MFY2020TBDTBDTBD
Unspecified Minor Military Construction (UMMC) Design-Build (DB)/Design-Bid-Build (DBB) The scope of this MATOC is very comprehensive, which will be used for DB and DBB Unspecified Minor Military Construction (UMMC), small Military Construction (MILCON), and large Sustainment, Revitalization, and Modernization (SRM) requirements, with task orders ranging anywhere from $250K to $15M.Northwestern Division (NWD) Area of Responsibility (AOR)ConstructionW912DW-19-R-0007$95MFY2020TBDMultiple-Award Task Order Contract (MATOC)Small Business
Construct Retail Fuel Facilites (Defense Logistics Agency (DLA))TBDConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 003557$10M - $25MFY2020TBDSingle-Award TBDTBD
Barge NWS 1-12-1 Day Dry Dock Maintenance ServiceTBDServicePANNWD-19-P-0000 010792Not ApplicableFY2020TBDSingle-Award Firm-Fixed PriceTBD
Repair Miscellaneous Range RoadsYakima Training Center (YTC), WAConstructionPANNWD-19-P-0000 004143$1M - $5MFY2020TBDTBDTBD