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Upcoming/Forecasted Opportunities

Anticipated NAICSProject LocationProject TitleFiscal YearEstimated Dollar ValueAcquisition Plan (Set Aside)
541330USACE Seattle District Area of ResponsibilityGeotechnical Services Geotechnical-related services primarily for large-scale civil works projects (dams, levees, etc.) and secondarily for larger or complex military, IIS, and civil works projects.FY2021Q1$5MSingle-Award Task Order Contract (SATOC)
541330Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WAMulti-Discipline A-E ServicesFY2021Q1$30MMultiple-Award Task Order Contract (MATOC)
541330USACE Seattle District Area of ResponsibilityHazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Services HTRW-related services for military, IIS, civil works, and operating project sites. Task order RFPs for remedial action investigations, feasibility, and design.FY2021Q1$5MSingle-Award Task Order Contract (SATOC)
541370USACE Seattle District Area of ResponsibilitySurvey and Mapping Three-year Period of Performance. Services will cover military and International Interagency Services (IIS), civil works, environmental, and USACE operating projects.FY2021Q1$1.8MSingle-Award Task Order Contract (SATOC)
541330USACE Seattle District Area of ResponsibilityGeotechnical Services Geotechnical-related services (foundations and geophysical investigations, subsurface utility engineering, local road improvements, and parking areas), and smaller civil (levees, operating projects).FY2021Q1$5MSingle-Award Task Order Contract (SATOC)
TBDAla Wai Canal, HIDebris Catchments & Water Retention The A-E Services will include 100% Design Services for Construction of debris catchments and water retention structures, including roads and laydown areas in the upper reaches of the Ala Wai Canal upper tributaries on Oahu Hawaii.FY2021TBDTBDTBD
237990Grays Harbor, WAMaintenance Dredging Maintenance dredging of the inner harbor over 3 work windows (1 Dec 20-14 Feb 21; 15 Jul 21-14 Feb 22; and 15 Jul 22-14 Feb 23)FY2020Q4$1M - $5MSingle-Award Firm-Fixed Price
238990Clark Fork, IDClark Fork Drift Yard Multi Year Contract Repairs to the Drift Yard Facility to include pilings, dolphins and booms.FY2021Q1$1M - $5MSingle-Award Firm-Fixed Price
TBDLake Washington Ship Canal (LWSC), WASmall Lock Emergency Closure System CraneFY2021Q1$1M - $5MSingle-Award Firm-Fixed Price
236220USACE Seattle District Area of ResponsibilityUnspecified Minor Military Construction (UMMC) Design-Build/Design-Bid- Build Construction Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) Small MILCON and large FRSM projects in WA, OR, ID & MTFY2021Q1$95MMultiple-Award Task Order Contract (MATOC)
TBDLake Washington Ship Canal (LWSC), WALarge Lock Center Miter Gate The project will replace the center miter gates of LWSC large lock. It will also replace appurtenances like pintles, wall quoins, anchoring structures and the pedestrian walkway.FY2021Q1$5M - $10MSingle-Award Firm-Fixed Price
TBDJoint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WAConstruct Retail Fuel Facilities (Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)) Construction for the DESC 2104/2008 Replace Retail Facilities at JBLM for DLA, 1 facility at JBLM North, and one at JBLM MainFY2021Q1$10M - $25MSingle-Award TBD
238290Chief Joseph Dam, WAIntake and Tailrace Cranes Replace the upstream intake gantry and downstream tailrace cranes.FY2021Q1$10M - $25MSingle-Award Firm-Fixed Price
236220Fairchild Air Force Base (FAFB), WARepair Fuel Hydrant System, Spots 25-28 Work include repairs to pavement, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Fuel Hydrant System and Petroleum Contaminated Soil Remediation.FY2021Q2$5M - $10MSingle-Award Firm-Fixed Price
236220American Lake - Tacoma, WAVeterans Affairs American Lake Seismic Corrections (VAAL), Phase 2 Building 201 Construction of 76,125 GSF seismically safe modern outpatient medical facility (Bldg. 201).FY2021Q2$25M - $100MSingle-Award Firm-Fixed Price
TBDLake Washington Ship Canal (LWSC), WASmall Lock Machinery and Controls Replacement Construction contract based on INDC design to replace the machinery and controls associated with the gates and valves on the small lock.FY2021TBD$5M - $10MSingle-Award Firm-Fixed Price
236220Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WADesign-Build to support JBLM and sub installationsFY2021TBD$100MMultiple-Award Task Order Contract (MATOC)
TBDWyckoff, WAWyckoff Wall Construction Design and procure replacement for existing deteriorated steel sheet pile wallFY2021Q2TBDSingle-Award Firm-Fixed Price
237990Skokomish River Mason County, WASkokomish River Environmental Restoration Construction Construction Contract for CG Skokomish Rvr. Env. Restoration will include: levee removal, side channel reconnection, large woody debris plcmnt, and wetland restoration at 2 sitesFY2021TBD$10M - $25MSingle-Award Firm-Fixed Price
TBDJoint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WAFish Weir Removal Removal of fish weir on Muck Creek at JBLM. Work also included re-vegetation on both sides of the Muck creek in the area of the fish weir.FY2021TBDTBDSingle-Award Firm-Fixed Price
562219Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, WADebris Multi Year FY2021-FY2024 Removal and disposal of collected debris.FY2021Q1N/ASingle-Award Firm-Fixed Price
562910Mountain Home Air Force Base, IDTemp Treatment System Follow-on to W9128F-17-D-0023 W912DW19F2097FY2021TBDN/ASingle-Award Firm-Fixed Price