Libby Dam

17877 Highway 37

Libby, Montana 59923-7828

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Libby Dam

Libby Dam Project is a multi-purpose water resource development.  Its purposes are flood reduction, hydropower, recreation, and environmental stewardship. We recognize that our day to day activities in operating a facility such as Libby Dam have a direct impact on the environment. Our goal is to operate Libby Dam to minimize negative impacts on the environment through pollution prevention and mitigation, and we are committed to continual improvement.  Our commitment is to comply with environmental legislation, rules, and regulations. We encourage environmental stewardship at every level throughout the organization..

Flow Update

May 16, 2022

Current Koocanusa Reservoir elevation: 2374.96 feet 
Current Koocanusa Reservoir inflow: ~13.5 kcfs 
Current Libby Dam outflow: 22.3 kcfs 
Current Kootenai River elevation at Bonners Ferry: 1751.40 feet

Current Changes and Highlights:
- Sturgeon Pulse began on Monday, May 16th.
- Libby Dam outflows increased from 12.3 kcfs to 22.3 kcfs over three hours on Monday May 16th beginning at 05:00 MDT.
- Libby dam outflows will increase from 22.3 kcfs to 25 kcfs on Tuesday May 17th at 07:00 MDT.

Libby Dam outflows began increasing to 25 kcfs beginning at 05:00 on Monday May 16th. This increase in flow is the start of the higher spring outflows for the sturgeon flow augmentation.

The Initial Control Flow (ICF) as measured at The Dalles was declared for May 7th, which designated the start of refill for Libby Dam as April 27nd. The May VarQ flow is 12.3 kcfs, based on the May water supply forecast for a 6740 KAF Apr-Aug inflow volume (111% of average).

Short term forecasts for Libby Dam elevations and inflow:  

Short term forecasts for Libby Dam outflow: 

Long term forecasts for Libby Dam: