Quick Facts

  • Seattle District has been serving the Pacific Northwest since 1896.
  • Boundaries cover western Washington, the Columbia River system upstream of the Yakima River, northern Idaho, and western Montana to the Continental Divide.
  • 99,000 square miles and 4,700 miles of shoreline.
  • 6 operating projects; including flood control, hydropower, locks, and water supply.

Civil Works

The Corps of Engineers's Civil Works Program is Nation's foremost water resources development program. The origins of Civil Works date back to 1824 when Congress provide the Corps funds for navigation improvements. Since then, the program has evolved to include a broad range of authorities and missions that support the Nation. All together, Seattle District's Civil Works boundaries encompass over 99,000 square miles including 4,700 miles of shoreline. The boundaries stretch from Western Montana to North Idaho and much of Washington State including the Columbia River system.

The primary mission areas for the Civil Works Program are: