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        U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
        Regulatory Branch
        4735 E. Marginal Way South, Bldg 1202
        Seattle, WA  98134-2388
        (206) 764-3495

        U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
        Regulatory Branch
        4735 E. Marginal Way S. Bldg. 1202
        Seattle, WA  98134-2388


List of Project Managers for Specific Counties, Regions and Projects in Washington State (updated April 20, 2023)

Map of King County Regions for Project Manager Geographic Regions

Map of Spokane County Regions for Project Manager Geographic Regions


Seattle District Regulatory Branch Section Map


Regulatory Branch Contacts

Branch Chief:   Todd Tillinger


North Sound Section Chief: Jacalen Printz

South Sound Section Chief: Dan Krenz

Columbia Basin Section Chief: Evan Carnes


Technical Services Section Chief:    Kristina Tong

⮚ Administrative Staff                    

⮚ Endangered Species Act Program               

⮚ Mitigation Program


Special Programs​ Section Chief:     Matt Bennett

⮚ Special Projects Program                             

⮚ Mariculture Program             

⮚ Navy Projects                                                 

⮚ Transportation/Infrastructure (BIL/WSDOT)