Looking for Solicitation Information?

See our Solicitation Information page which includes information on several ways to find and access solicitations and bid abstracts for Seattle District as well as Army/Government-wide contract opportunities.



Disaster Resource Management

In response to disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, the Corps of Engineers has set up Disaster Resource Management information on their home page to facilitate the urgent distribution of information regarding resources required to respond to disasters. This website is dynamic in nature to meet the needs disasters as they occur. Please see the Emergency Management page of the main site for more information and link to the Seattle District Emergency Equipment database.  

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has established a web-based Debris Removal Contractor Registry, specifically for state and local governments to use to identify and pre-qualify available debris removal contractors.  All vendors interested in doing business with FEMA should click here, or register in FEMA's Debris Removal Contractor Registry. General Services Administration has a contact Disaster Recovery Purchasing site.

Notice to All Vendors and Prospective Contractors

Contractors must have a current registration in the System for Award Management - Entity Managment (SAM) prior to award of any contract, basic agreement, basic ordering agreement, or blanket purchase agreement. Lack of a current registration in the SAM database will make an offeror ineligible for award. System for Award Management (SAM) registration is FREE, and your Procurement Technical Assistance Center can help you with this and everything else you need to sell to federal agencies. Find the one near you and get helpful free information on line at:

NOTE: if you are having problems registering and are contacting the Federal Service Desk, please be sure to ask for assistance with SAM Registration rather than asking for help with a CAGE code; the CAGE code office cannot assist with SAM registration problems. If creating/updating your SAM registration, please ensure you click through ALL the pages and click the "Submit Certification" button on the last page.  New registrations and updates cannot be made active unless and until you submit a complete record.  If you see a status of "Work In Progress," your new registration or update has not yet been submitted.  If you see a status of "Submitted," SAM has accepted the new/updated record for validation of TIN and CAGE.  If there is a problem, SAM will reset the status to "Work In Progress" and notify you of the need to update.

Contractor Manpower Reporting

The Contractor Manpower application is here. See the CMRA FAQs for more information.