Navigation is a primary mission area for the Corps of Engineers as the federal agency responsible for maintaining, cre­ating, and regulating all traffic on the Nation’s waterways. The Corps of Engineers is authorized to plan and construct new navigation channels and structures (such as locks and dams, jetties, breakwaters, etc.), as well as perform dredging activities to ensure the Nation’s harbors and waterways remain safe, reliable, and efficient for commerce. Navigation projects and studies focus on commercial trade activities that support a strong and growing economy.

The cost-share during construction for harbor navigation projects varies depending on the depth of the water.  For projects in water 20 feet of less, the cost-share is 80 percent federal and 20 percent non-federal.  In waters between 20 and 45 feet in depth, the cost-share is 65 percent federal and 35 percent non-federal.  In waters greater than 45 feet in depth, the cost-share is 40 percent federal and 60 percent non-federal.  The cost-share for inland navigation projects is 100 percent federal.  Additionally, Operation, Maintenance, Repair, Replacement, and Rehabilitation (OMRR&R) of navigation projects is 100 percent federal, except in depths greater than 45 feet where the cost-share becomes 50/50 for the portion of the work below 45 feet.