Program Overview

Estuary Habitat Restoration Program
Estuary Restoration Act of 2000, PL 106-457 of Estuaries and Clean Water Act of 2000, as amended.

The purpose of the Estuary Habitat Restoration Program (EHRP) is to promote restoration of estuary habitat; to develop a national Estuary Habitat Restoration Strategy; to provide federal assistance for estuary habitat restoration projects; and to develop and enhance monitoring, data sharing, and research.  The Corps of Engineers and four other federal agencies created a council under the EHRP responsible for soliciting and evaluating project proposals and prioritizing recommended projects for funding to achieve the federal goal of 1 million acres of estuary habitat restoration.  While several federal agencies may fund approved projects, Corps projects are funded based on prioritization under the Corps’ national program managed by our Headquarters.

EHRP projects are similar to the Continuing Authorities Program in scale.  The Corps works in partnership with proponents to develop a Project Management Plan with a schedule of deliverables and identification of reimbursements.  Federal funding is provided through a Cooperation Agreement (CA) overseen by a grants officer with the federal funding share, from all sources, not to exceed 65 percent of total costs, or the CA award amount, whichever is less.  However, the federal share of an additional cost that includes a project pilot test or demonstrates innovative technical approaches may be increased to 85 percent of the total.  The non-federal sponsor is responsible for all operations and maintenance of any implemented project.