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The TCX offers the following categories of service:
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Assist with structural, design, and technical issues relating to the preservation and rehabilitation of historic properties. This includes planning, federal compliance and review procedures, engineering assessments, preparation of reports and studies, and design solutions that meet Federal preservation standards, Anti-Terrorism Force Protection, and sustainability goals. 

Prepare inventories of individual historic properties and historic districts that provide physical descriptions and explain the significance of properties. Evaluations can also identify the best preservation treatments that comply with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Historic Properties with Guidelines for the Treatment of Cultural Landscapes.  Prepare complete applications to the National Register of Historic Places, to include research, writing, application preparation, photography, and mapping.

Forensic Investigations of Wood Components to Assess Load Bearing Capacity in the Jenkins House, Lesage, West Virginia (available upon request)

Forensic Investigation of the Sheridan and Ord-Weitzel Gates, Arlington National Cemetery (available upon request)

A History of Flood Control on the Stillaguamish River, the Stillaguamish Weir, by Agnes F. Castronuevo, Feb. 2021

Provide interpretation and advice about federal regulatory responsibilities for treating and maintaining historic properties. Coordinate compliance requirements between clients and federal, state, and local preservation organizations. Develop programmatic agreements and memoranda of agreements to conclude historic preservation responsibilities.  Photographic, graphic, and written documentation and recording of historic properties can be undertaken for endangered properties, pre-construction documentation, and HABS documentation.

Provide instruction and in-field training for a range of topics, including the historical evaluation of properties, regulatory responsibilities under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, technical preservation treatments, and maintenance of historic properties. Training can be directed to a wide audience including cultural resource specialists, real estate managers, building administrators, and maintenance personnel. The CX currently offers an annual training opportunity through the Prospect series: Historic Structures I. Individual training for campuses and installations may be provided upon request.  Please contact: Lys Opp-Beckman, at 206-764-3422 or for information.

UFGS 040300

Now Available!   Newly Revised Technical Guide:       

UFGS 040300  Conservation Treatment for Period Masonry 

Restoration and Cleaning of Masonry in Historic Structures

Restoration and Cleaning of Masonry in Historic Structures

Historic Structures and Buildings

Technical Center of Expertise for the Preservation of Historic Buildings and Structures

The TCX is the USACE’s technical lead and advisory center on matters of the historic built environment falling within the agency’s responsibility under the National Historic Preservation Act. Services and deliverables are offered on a reimbursable basis, to project managers and cultural resources staff at USACE Districts, DoD installations and other federal agencies. Drawing from broad technical experience and educational credentials in historic preservation, services are provided within the USACE’s historic built environment community of experts. Historic resource subjects include buildings, structures, objects, vessels, landscapes, and civil works projects.


Leadership Areas

  • Technical Guidance and Publications
  • Historic Building and Site Planning
  • Treatment Guidelines
  • Masonry and Wood Evaluation and Conservation
  • National Register Nominations, Context Statements, Historic American Buildings Survey and the Historic American Engineering Record
  • Cultural Landscapes - Evaluation, Design, and Management
  • Historic Buildings Training