Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem restoration activities examine the condition of existing ecosystems and determine the feasibility of restor­ing degraded ecosystem structure, function, and dynamic processes to a less degraded, natural condition.  The Corps of Engineers’ ecosystem restoration program seeks to provide a comprehensive approach for addressing the problems associated with disturbed and degraded ecological resources.  Corps of Engineers activities in ecosystem restoration concentrate on engineering solutions to water related land re­source problems.  The principal focus is on those ecological resources and process that are directly associated with the hydrologic regime of the ecosystem and watershed.

The cost-share during construction for ecosystem restoration projects is 65 percent federal and 35 percent non-federal.  The sponsor may wish to implement elements of the project not authorized by Congress at a 100 percent cost to the sponsor.  Any locally preferred measures to be implemented must still be reviewed and approved by the Corps of Engineers, have complete environmental compliance documentation and permits, and be contracted and built through the Corps of Engineers contracting policies.

Goldsborough Dam Removal