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Approved Jurisdictional Determinations

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Although not required for our permit process, you may request a jurisdictional determination (JD) from the Corps to verify the presence or absence of waters of the U. S. on your project site.  If requested, we can proceed in one of two ways.  You may request either a preliminary or approved jurisdictional determination as explained below: 

Preliminary Jurisdictional Determination:  A preliminary JD (PJD) is a written indication that waters on the property may be waters of the United States.  Such waters will be treated as jurisdictional waters of the U.S. for purposes of evaluating project impacts.  While a PJD is not appealable, the applicant can, at any time, request an approved JD for the site.  The PJD may be used if the applicant wants to document Corps jurisdiction without further delay.  

Approved Jurisdictional Determination:  An applicant may request an approved JD (AJD), which is an official determination regarding the presence or absence of waters of the U.S.  If an AJD is requested, please be aware that we may have to conduct a site visit and require the submittal of additional information.  Depending on our determination, we may have to coordinate with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Corps Headquarters on our findings before making an official determination.  An AJD is appealable and is most often requested when an applicant questions the Corps’ jurisdiction or the boundaries of jurisdictional waters.

If you would like to request a jurisdictional determination, please complete this Request Form (page 5 of Regulatory Guidance Letter 16-01) or this form and return to your assigned project manager at the Corps.  Please be sure to include your Corps Reference Number on the form. 


Click on the Corps Reference Number to view the specific approved jurisdictional determination

Corps Reference Number

Project Name Date of JD
NWS-2021-308 McCucheon, Patrick 3-Aug-2021
NWS-2021-59 Haertl Development Co 3-Aug-2021
NWS-2021-313 Elwood Holdings LLC 30-Jul-2021
NWS-2021-346 Williams, Chad 28-Jul-2021
NWS-2017-1077 Ostenson, Dana 20-Jul-2021
NWS-2021-645 Michael, Ralph 20-Jul-2021
NWS-2021-619 Motorcourt LLC 19-Jul-2021
NWS-2021-637 Appel, Rich 13-Jul-2021
NWS-2021-542 Reid Development Group 13-Jul-2021
NWS-2021-130 Williams Investments 16-Jun-2021
NWS-2021-199 KB Homes 29-Jun-2021
NWS-2021-492 Abulnaga, Baha 7-Jul-2021
NWS-2021-384 Confluence Environmental Group 23-Jun-2021
NWS-2021-450 Land Use Consulting and Development 25-May-2021
NWS-2021-416 Bridge Development Partners LLC 14-May-2021
NWS-2021-421 Cooke Road LLC 3-May-2021
NWS-2021-171 BNSF Railway 21-Apr-201
NWS-2021-189 OER WA Solar 1, LLC 15-Apr-2021
NWS-2021-131 Cluen, George 28-Apr-2021
NWS-2021-301 Wilson, Rick and Mary 26-Apr-2021
NWS-2021-151 Sewall Wetland Consulting Inc. 12-Apr-2021
NWS-2019-820 Douglass, Harlan 31-Mar-2021
NWS-2020-754 Soundview Consultants, LLC (Maplewood Crossing)   26-Mar-2021
NWS-2021-148 Summit Strategic Weapons, LLC 2-Apr-2021
NWS-2021-300 Cheema, Gursher 1-Apr-2021
NWS-2020-571 NorthPoint Development (Cascade Logistics Park)   31-Mar-2021
NWS-2021-86 Habitat for Humanity 23-Mar-2021
NWS-2021-180 Clark County Public Works 26-Mar-2021
NWS-2021-495 Hoetger, Jason 23-Mar-2021
NWS-2021-234 NextEra Energy Resources 23-Mar-2021
NWS-2020-762 Woodin Creek Property LLC 22-Mar-2021
NWS-2021-49 Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouse      19-Mar-2021
NWS-2020-221 Kirkland, City of (Crestwood AJD) 11-Mar-2021
NWS-2020-1003 McElroy Road 4-Mar-2021
NWS-2021-130 Williams investments 24-Feb-2021
NWS-2020-768 Pacific Ridge DRH LLC 11-Feb-2021
NWS-2021-22 (REV) Trammell Crow Company 11-Feb-2021
NWS-2021-57 Brasino, John 2-Feb-2021
NWS-2020-1003 McElroy Road 1-Feb-2021
NWS-2020-1026 King County Facilities Mgmt Div. 19-Jan-2021
NWS-2020-364 NorthPoint Development LLC 19-Jan-2021
NWS-2020-829 North Columbia Homes LLC    6-Jan-2021

Click on the Corps Reference Number to view the specific approved jurisdictional determination

Corps Reference Number

Project Name Date of JD
NWS-2020-1022 Hurley Development 16-Dec-2020
NWS-2020-1019 Bella Vista Vancouver, LLC 16-Nov-2020
NWS-2020-570 Grette Associates 12-Nov-2020
NWS-2018-443 Tremont, LLC 10-Nov-2020
NWS-2020-908 Reid Development Group LLC 9-Nov-2020
NWS-2017-430 Tremont, LLC 3-Nov-2020
NWS-2019-929 NORDCO 3-Nov-2020
NWS-2020-38 Carey Homes, LLC 8-Oct-2020
NWS-2020-120 Copper Ridge, LCC 5-Oct-2020
NWS-2020-948 503 Battle Ground Subdivision LLC 2-Oct-2020
NWS-2020-771 Brainard Scott 21-Sept-2020
NWS-2019-598 STC JV 2 LLC 17-Jun-2020
NWS-2020-889 Yakima Nation Housing Authority 24-Sept-2020
NWS-2020-697 Benaroya Capitol Company 17-Sept-2020
NWS-2017-606 Overbeck, Mike 11-Sept-2020
NWS-2018-173 Sound Transit 14-Aug-2020
NWS-2020-388 Sunnyside Village Cohousing 24-Jul-2020
NWS-2020-110 Basal Capital Group 31-Jul-2020
NWS-2020-571 North Point Development 30-Jul-2020
NWS-2020-140 Seattle Public Utilities 13-Jul-2020

King County Solid Waste

NWS-2019-597 STCA, LLC 5-Jun-2020
NWS-2019-390 Bonesz, Kathleen 10-Jun-2020
NWS-2020-33 Lake Ballinger 18-Jun-2020
NWS-2019-789 STCA, LLC 17-Jun-2020
NWS-2020-37 Zahradnick Property 19-May-2020
NWS-2019-1012 Form 1 Grandview Inc 29-Apr-2020
NWS-2019-1012 Form 2 Grandview Inc 29-Apr-2020
NWS-2019-103 Costco Wholesale 19-Mar-2020
NWS-2019-709 Cadman Materials 17-Mar-2020
NWS-2020-163-WRD Tacoma, Port of 27-Feb-2020

Click on the Corps Reference Number to view the specific approved jurisdictional determination

Corps Reference Number

Project Name Date of JD
NWS-2018-1136 Bonneville Power Administration -Klickitat Hatchery 9-Dec-2019
NWS-2019-168 Comis, John 10-Oct-2019
NWS-2019-585 Retreat at Pullman, LLC-Residential development 8-Aug-2019
NWS-2019-33 Velendo Light Industrial Park 1-Jul-2019
NWS-2019-335 Kirkland, City of 100th Avenue NE 11-Jun-2019
NWS-2019-289 Whole Water Systems LLC 19-Dec-2019
NWS-2018-481 Queen City Farms Inc 18-Dec-2019
NWS-2018-1120-WRD Port of Seattle 6-Dec-2019
NWS-2019-857 Sather A, LLC 19-Nov-2019
NWS-2019-230 Bachman Environmental LLC 16-Oct-2019
NWS-2019-724 The Hotel Group 11-Oct-2019
NWS-2018-304 Lacamas Shores Homeowners Assn 20-Sep-2019
NWS-2019-511 Wetland Resources Inc 1-Oct-2019
NWS-2019-103 Costco Wholesale 26-Sep-2019
NWS-2019-193 WA Air National Guard 23-Jul-2019
NWS-2019-258 King County Solid Waste Division 8-Jul-2019
NWS-2018-730 Wetland Resources Inc. 20-Jun-2019
NWS-2019-186 Wetland Resources Inc. 11-Jun-2019
NWS-2018-1170 Prospect Development, LLC 28-May-2019
NWS-2019-349 National Park Service 13-May-2019
NWS-2019-274 Whatcom County 13-May-2019
NWS-2004-357 Mitzel, Dan 26-Apr-2019
NWS-2018-1114 Stoltz, Peter 16-Apr-2019
NWS-2018-1181 Bothell, City of 2-Apr-2019
NWS-2018-1061 Battle Ground, City of 8-Mar-2019
NWS-2015-414 Keller Farm Mitigation Bank 27-Feb-2019
NWS-2019-107 Seattle Housing Authority 25-Feb-2019
NWS-2018-725 City of Kenmore 07-Feb-2019
NWS-2018-717 NP Hawks Prairie LLC 16-Jan-2019
NWS-2018-1204-WRD Pierce County 19-Feb-2019

Click on the Corps Reference Number to view the specific approved jurisdictional determination

Corps Reference Number

Project Name Date of JD
NWS-2018-743 Clark County Saddle Club 18 -Apr-2018
NWS-2007-262 Flynn, Michael 19-Sept-2018
NWS-2017-627 Pierce County Transit South Base 5-Sept-2018
NWS-2018-30 Koopman Property 23-Mar-2018
NWS-2017-46 King County ILF Program-Skyway/Taylor Creek 16-Feb-2018
NWS-2018-991 Buckley, City of 19-Dec-2018
NWS-2018-903 Kirkland, City of 18-Dec-2018
NWS-2018-531  King County ILF (Taylor Creek) 30-Nov-2018
NWS-2018-557  Kirkland, City of; Public Works 20-Nov-2018 
NWS-2018-577 Kirkland, City of; Public Works  31-Oct-2018
NWS-2018-128  Luzee Properties 13-Nov-2018 
NWS-2018-970  Tacoma, Port of 31-Oct-2018
NWS-2007-1848  Hall Equities Group 25-Oct-2018
NWS-2018-198  Innovative Solar 370 22-Oct-2018
NWS-2018-543  King County Water and Land Resources Division 17-Oct-2018
NWS-2018-987  Queen Anne Hill 16-Oct-2018
NWS-2018-129  Searles, Keith 10-Oct-2018
NWS-2013-1198  Toll WA LP     20-Sep- 2018
NWS-2015-413  Wapato Valley Mitigation and Conservation Bank 6-Sep-2018
NWS-2018-534 Canfield, Gary 3-Aug-2018
NWS-2018-62  Brice, William 29 June 2018
NWS-2014-117  Rising Tides, LLC 5 April 2018
OYB-N-9860  Pacific Coast Coal Company 25 June 2018
NWS-2017-716 Form 1; NWS-2017-716 Form 2  Singh, Joe 23 May 2018
NWS-2017-951  Bainter Group, LLC  1 May 2018
NWS-2018-147-DOT  WA ST Dept of Transportation  30 April 2018
NWS-2016-683 Form 1; NWS-2016-683 Form 2     Spire, LLC 26 March 2018    

Click on the Corps Reference Number to view the specific approved jurisdictional determination

Corps Reference Number

Project Name Date of JD
NWS-2010-507, Form 1; NWS-2010-507, Form 2 Woodmansee, Joe 09-Jan-2017

Corps Reference Number

Project Name Date of JD
NWS-2016-975 Ott, Dave 15-Feb-2017
NWS-2017-217 Vancouver, City of -Pearson Airfield 8-May-2017
NWS-2017-831 Innovative Solar Sytems LLC 2-Oct-2017
NWS-2017-560  Sudden Valley Community Association 24-Aug-2017 
NWS-2017-500  Streetman, Bryan  11-Aug-2017 
NWS-2016-844 Chinn Construction LLC 6-July-2017
NWS-2017-197  Bay Estates Associates  17-July-2017 

Corps Reference Number

Project Name Date of JD

NWS-2016-683 Form 1/2

NWS-2016-683 Form 2/2

Spire, LLC 26-Jun-2017
NWS-2017-556  City of Arlington  23-Jun-2017 
NWS-2016-951 Oakpoint Land Covington, LLC 30-May-2017

Hanson Building and Development Inc. (Chestnut Montessori School)

NWS-2017-87 Chelan County Public Works Dept. 28-Apr-2017

Corps Reference Number

Project Name Date of JD
NWS-2015-309 Hinton Development Corporation 5-Aug-2016
NWS-2016-220 Sewall Wetland Consulting, Inc 22-Sept-2016
NWS-2016-251  Point Roberts Resort LP 17-Mar-2016 
NWS-2016-247 Dan House  17-Mar-2016 
NWS-2016-166 Michael Bosworth 11-Mar-2016 
NWS-2016-156  Friends of the San Juans 8-Mar-2016 
NWS-2015-320 Integrity Land 2-Mar-2016 
NWS-2016-174 Khazak, Mikhail 1-Mar-2016
NWS-2016-157 Whatcom County Public Works 22-Feb-2016
NWS-2016-113  WA ST Dept of Ecology  8-Feb-2016 
NWS-2016-139  WA ST Dept of Ecology 2-Feb-2016 
NWS-2016-79  WA ST Dept of Ecology 28-Jan-2016
NWS-2016-26  Port of Port Townsend 20-Jan-2016
NWS-2015-933 Birch Bay Village Community 6-Jan-2016 

Corps Reference Number

Project Name Date of JD
NWS-2015-369  IK Development, Inc.  30-Jun-2016

Lillestoil, Steve

NWS-2016-584  BP Cherry Point Refinery 30-Jun-2016

Wapenski, Jennifer and Joe

NWS-2014-854 (West Sound) Orcas Island Yacht Club 24-Jun-2016 
NWS-2014-854 (Eastsound) Orcas Island Yacht Club 24-Jun-2016
NWS-2009-605 Bellingham, City of 24-Jun-2016
NWS-2016-554  Port of Bellingham 22-Jun-2016 
NWS-2016-523  Nooksack Indian Tribe 17-Jun-2016 
NWS-2016-565 Northwest Pipeline LLS  16-Jun-2016
NWS-2016-499  Port of Bellingham  14-Jun-2016
NWS-2016-495 Lummi Nation Natural Resources Dept. 13-Jun-2016 
NWS-2016-440 Balbir Birk 7-Jun-2016
NWS-2016-493 Lummi Nation Natural Resources Dept. 7-Jun-2016
NWS-2015-706  Cascade School Dist. 27-May-2016
NWS-2016-442  Jeffrey Malinoff  18-May-2016 
NWS-2016-419  Hance Family LLC  17-May-2016
NWS-2016-418  Friday Harbor Public Works 16-May-2016 

NWS-2012-54 Form 1

NWS-2012-54 Form 2

Samish Indian Nation 9-May-2016 
NWS-2016-383 Cunard, Geoff 5-May-2016
NWS-2015-519  Waterford Development, LLC  28-Apr-2016 
NWS-2016-85  Skagit Valley College 22-Apr-2016
NWS-2016-360 Port of Bellingham  22-Apr-2016 
NWS-2016-356  Waibel, Alexander 20-Apr-2016 
NWS-2016-297 Schaefer, Steve 6-Apr-2016
NWS-2016-306 Northwest Pipeline LLC 6-Apr-2016

Corps Reference Number

Project Name Date of JD
NWS-2016-846  Bellingham, Port of 30-Sep-2016
NWS-2016-878  Fought, J.D., John & Dena 27-Sep-2016
NWS-2016-823  Bellingham, Port of 9-Sep-2016
NWS-2016-814  AMSTU Pearl, LLC  9-Sep-2016
NWS-2014-514  Munson, Lowell and Jacqueline  6-Sept-2016 
NWS-2016-799  Resort Semiahmoo, LLC  23-Aug-2016 
NWS-2016-761 Groff, David 15-Aug-2016 
NWS-2009-785  Pascolo Estates  11-Aug-2016 
NWS-2015-309  Hinton Development Corporation 5-Aug-2016
NWS-2016-194  Pinkley, John 4-Aug-2016
NWS-2016-720  Friday Harbor, Town of 3-Aug-2016
NWS-2016-188  Ocean Properties LLC 2-Aug-2016
NWS-2015-629-WRD   Seattle City Light 27-Jul-2016 
NWS-2016-676  San Juan Co. Public Works 21-Jul-2016
NWS-2014-689 Mike Brown 20-Jul-2016
NWS-2016-657 Whatcom County Public Works 7-Jul-2016

Corps Reference Number

Project Name Date of JD

Metropolitan Park District of Tacoma

NWS-2016-1094  Bellingham, Port of 30-Nov-2016
NWS-2016-1051  RAK TNC LLC  21-Nov-2016 
NWS-2016-1042  Crowell, Kimberly 17-Nov-2016
NWS-2016-994  Puget Sound Energy  10-Nov-2016 
NWS-2016-991  Frazer, Marc 8-Nov-2016
NWS-2014-976  Spring Point HOA  8-Nov-2016 
NWS-2016-963  Walsh, Chris and Jennifer 8-Nov-2016


CenturyTel   31-Oct-2016


  List of Waters

Terrace Mitigation Bank 28-Oct-2016
NWS-2015-156-WRD  Pierce County Public Works 18-Oct-2016
NWS-2016-934  Bellingham, Port of 13-Oct-2016 
NWS-2016-932  Bellingham, Port of 13-Oct-2016 
NWS-2016-734  Farrage Feirme LLC  7-Oct-2016
NWS-2016-922 Maynard, Mike 4-Oct-2016
NWS-2016-255 Port of Grays Harbor 3-Oct-2016

Corps Reference Number

Project Name Date of JD
NWS-2015-1061  Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery  21-Dec-2015
NWS-2009-1111  WGW Development  14-Dec-2015
NWS-2008-674 City of Richland  14-Dec-2015 
NWS-2015-970  WDFW 19-Nov-2015
NWS-2014-958  Acme Farming LLC 17-Nov-2015
NWS-2015-905  WDFW  6-Nov-2015
NWS-2015-911  Richard Kimpel 28-Oct-2015 
NWS-2015-714  Avista Corporation 10-Oct-2015
NWS-2015-780 Chelan County Dept of Natural Resources 5-Oct-2015
NWS-2015-728  Lang, Phyllis 29-Sep-2015
NWS-2005-17 Cowlitz Indian Tribe     23-Sep-2015
NWS-2015-803 Asotin County (Craig Miller)       17-Sep-2015
NWS-2013-172-2  Phillips 66 Company Ferndale Refinery          1-Sep-2015

Corps Reference Number 

 Project Name Date of JD
NWS-2008-993  Sterling Design, Inc.  21-Aug-2015






Brookwater Advisors, LLC 18-Aug-2015
NWS-2015-482  Federal Highway Administration  10-Jun-2015
NWS-2015-546  USDI 24-Jun-2015
NWS-2014-872  Davis Property & Investment LLC 5-Jun-2015
NWS-2015-91 Pool Borthers Construction  3-Jun-2015
NWS-2015-442 Northwest Pipeline LLC 15-May-2015
NWS-2015-355 Dan and Arlene Fitzpatrick  11-May-2015
NWS-2015-292 Steven Cainelli 11-May-2015

Corps Reference Number 

 Project Name Date of JD
NWS-2015-154  Affordable Community Environments 27-Apr-2015
NWS-2015-59  Thayer Exchange, LLC  21-Apr-2015 
NWS-2014-1147  Segale Properties LLC 20-Apr-2015
NWS-2015-190  Vignette Holdings LLC 15-Apr-2015 
NWS-2015-181  City of Tekoa  14-Apr-2015
NWS-2015-207  Yakima Nation 30-Mar-2015
NWS-2015-198  WA ST Dept of Fosh and Wildlife  30-Mar-2015 
NWS-2015-80  Collin and Karen Konz-Hofmann 9-Feb-2015 
NWS-2013-668  James Britton (Bridge Installaion)  6-Feb-2015
NWS-2013-463  Gregory Real Estate Three (Pacific Heights)  4-Feb-2015
NWS-2014-796-WRD  Shomomish County Airport  23-Jan-2015
NWS-2014-874 Summitt Ivy LLC 8-Jan-2015
NWS-2014-1157  Bellingham, Port of 7-Jan-2015

Click on the Corps Reference Number to view the specific approved jurisdictional determination

Corps Reference Number

Project Name Date of JD
NWS-2013-794 Habitat Bank LLC - Coweeman River Wetland and Conservation Bank  30-Nov-2014