Public Notices

Listed below are the current Public Notices published by the Seattle District for proposed projects within the state of Washington. The Public Notices are sorted by Effective Date and are provided in PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC to view these files. You may download Adobe free from

Viewing Public Notices. To view a Public Notice, left-click on the Permit Application Number (highlighted in blue). To download the file to your PC, right-click on the Permit Application Number, then select "Save Target As" from the menu.

How to Submit Comments. To submit comments via email, cut and paste the email address of the respective Project Manager's from the table below into an email and in the subject line of your email enter: Public Notice Comments for NWS-xxxx-xxxx (referencing the specific project).  To submit comments in writing, send them to the respective Project Manager at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District Regulatory Branch, P.O. Box 3755, Seattle, WA 98124-3755. All comments should include the permit application number and project name, your name, address, and phone number.

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Issued Date Expiration Date Applicant Project Description Permit Application No. County Project Manager
20-May-2022 04-Jun-2022 Long Island Oyster Co (OB E125) Commercial Shellfish Operation NWS-2009-1350-AQ Pacific Halie Endicott
20-May-2022 04-Jun-2022 Long Island Oyster Co (Lease 23 Port of Peninsula Commercial Shellfish Operation NWS-2009-1354-AQ Pacific Halie Endicott
20-May-2022 04-Jun-2022 Long Island Oyster Co (OB DO26 N1/2) Commercial Shellfish Operation NWS-2007-1464-AQ Pacific  Halie Endicott
18-May-2022 02-Jun-2022 Long Island Oyster Co Commercial Shellfish Operation NWS-2009-1351-AQ Pacific Halie Endicott
13-May-2022 28-May-2022 Long Island Oyster Co (Pacific 2) Commercial Shellfish Operation NWS-2007-1461-AQ Pacific Halie Endicott
13-May-2022 12-Jun-2022 Seattle, Port of  10 Year Pile System Repair and Maintenance Program


NWS-2011-467-WRD King Jason Sweeney
06-May-2022 05-Jun-2022 City of Enumclaw  Boise Creek Restoration NWS-2021-283 King Jennifer Lang
04-May-2022 03-Jun-2022 Goodro Shellfish (Eld Inlet Evergreen Shellfish Farm) Commercial Shellfish Operation NWS-2022-0055-AQ Thurston Kylie Webb
09-May-2022 03-Jun-2022 Wiegardt Shellfish Farm T215 Commercial Shellfish Operation NWS-2020-549-AQ Erratum Pacific Kylie Webb
04-May-2022 03-Jun-2022 Wiegardt Shellfish Farm T215 Commercial Shellfish Operation NWS-2020-549-AQ Pacific  Kylie Webb
04-May-2022 03-Jun-2022 Seattle, Port of (Terminal 91) Redevelop Berths 6 & 8 at Terminal 91 NWS-2021-842-WRD King Jason Sweeney
7-Jan-2022 n/a Special Public Notice Announcement of 2022 Final 41 Nationwide Permit publication in the Federal Register Special Public Notice Statewide
20-Sep-2021 n/a Special Public Notice Format of Submittal of Documents and New Mailing Address n/a Statewide n/a