Real Estate Division

Our Mission:

Acquire, manage and dispose of real estate for Military Installations and Civil Works projects in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Realty Operations Branch


Performs and coordinates real estate acquisition, management, and disposal functions for military installations, full-federal civil works projects, and other Federal agencies.

Manages relocation assistance in compliance with Public Law 91-646, Uniform Relocation Act, to assure fair, equitable and uniform treatment of persons displaced by Federal and federally-assisted programs for which the Corps of Engineers has responsibility.

Forest Resource program manages timber resources and conducts timber sales.

Realty Services Branch


Real Estate Services provides real estate services on an as-needed basis to our government partners, assisting with the acquisition of real estate needed for local community projects.

Contact Information


Phone:  (206) 316-4400
Fax:       (206) 316-4390 (primary)
              (206) 316-4398 (secondary)
Mail:   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
4735 East Marginal Way South​
Bldg 1202
Seattle, WA 98134-2388

Technical Resources Branch


Real Estate cartographic services, preparation and/or approval of appraisals, real estate planning reports and design memoranda.

Official real estate historical, statistical, cartographic and other Real Estate records. 

Accountability for Civil and Military real property under the control of the Seattle District Corps of Engineers.

Administration of Real Estate Management systems.