How To Apply For A Permit

  • Do I need a Corps permit? On the Regulatory webpage, we have a Permit Guidebook which provides detailed information on the permit application process and the Regulatory Program. To view the Permit Guidebook, click HERE.
  • Permit Application. Our preferred method of submittal is electronically via email. To view Electronic Permit Application Submittal procedures, click HERE
    • Electronic Permit Application Submittal Procedures
    • UPCOMING: A national initiative called the Regulatory Request System (RRS) is under development which will allow for direct online submittal of permit applications. More information will be posted once the system is online.
  • Application Forms. The application form can vary depending on the type of permit you are applying for. If you are uncertain on the permit type, we recommend you complete and submit the JARPA form listed below. 
  • Information on Processing Times, Fees, Complete Application, and Drawings. For more details on these elements of the application process, click HERE.
  • Types of Permits. For more information on different types of permits, go to the Permit Guidebook, Chapter II.