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Document Types

NOA = Notice of Availability
FONSI = Finding of No Significant Impact
EA = Environmental Assessment
SEA = Supplemental Environmental Assessment
NOP = Notice of Preparation
EIS = Environmental Impact Statement
SOF = Statement of Findings
SIR = Supplemental Information Report
BiOp = Biological Opinion

Current Environmental Documents

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DateSorted By Date In Descending OrderBasinProject NameTypeLink
10/1/2018Duwamish RiverMaintenance Dredging of the Upper Duwamish Waterway FY2020-2035Final EA-404, FONSI-SOF, CZM, CWA 404 FINAL Duwamish EA 2020-2035.pdf
9/11/2018Quillayute RiverQuillayute Spit Repair and Maintenance 2018-2029Final EA-404 and FONSI-SOFQuillayute_Spit_Repair_2018-2029_Final_EA-404 with FONSI.pdf
8/31/2018Kootenai RiverBlackwell Flats Riparian ImprovementNOANOA Blackwell Flats Riparian Improvement.pdf
8/31/2018Kootenai RiverBlackwell Flats Riparian ImprovementDraft EA-404Blackwell Flats Riparian Improvement Draft EA-404 with appendices.pdf
8/27/2018Snohomish RiverEverett Harbor and Snohomish River Federal Navigation Channel Maintenance Dredging and Disposal 2019-2034Final EA-404 and FONSI-SOFEverett-Snohomish Maintenance Dredging 2019-2034 Final EA-404 with appendices.pdf
8/24/2018Naches RiverRehabilitation of Flood Control Works Yakima Authorized Right an Left Bank LeveesFinal SEA and FONSIFinal Yakima RB Site 5 Supplemental EA FONSI.pdf
8/23/2018Snohomish RiverUnion Slough Levee RepairFinal EA FONSIUnion Slough 2018 Levee Repair Final EA & FONSI.PDF
7/9/2018Snohomish RiverLord Hill Levee 2018 Repair Final EA/FONSI-SOFLord Hill levee 2018 FONSI_SOF_EA-Final_signed.pdf
7/5/2018Quillayute River Quillayute Spit Repair and Maintenance 2018-2029Draft EA-404 and Draft FONSI-SOFQuillayute_Spit_Repair and Maintenance_DRAFT_EA-404_2018-2029_with appendices.pdf
7/5/2018Quillayute RiverQuillayute Spit Repair and Maintenance 2018-2029Public NoticePublic Notice_Quillayute Spit Repair and Maintenance 2018-2029.pdf
7/3/2018Naches RiverNaches River Levee RehabilitationsFinal EA FONSIFinal Naches River Levees FONSI and EA with Appendices.pdf
7/3/2018Puyallup RiverLeach Road Levee RehabilitationFinal EA FONSIFinal Signed EA FONSI for the Leach Road Levee Rehab.pdf
7/3/2018Carbon RiverAlward 1 and Bridge Street Levee RehabilitationsFinal EA FONSIFinal Alward 1 and Bridge Street FONSI EA.pdf
7/2/2018Lower Chehalis RiverGrays Harbor and Chehalis River Maintenance Dredging and Disposal 2018-2033Final EA-404 and FONSI-SOFGrays Harbor Dredging 2018-2033_Final EA-404_FONSI-SOF_with appendices.pdf
6/26/2018Pend Oreille RiverAlbeni Falls Project Final Master PlanFinal Master Plan, Final EA FONSIAFD 2018 MasterPlan_FONSI_EA_MP.pdf
6/20/2018Snohomish RiverUnion Slough Levee RepairNOP, Clean Water Act 404 Public Interest ReviewNOP_Union Slough_NEPA-404-Jun2018.pdf
6/19/2018Duwamish RiverUpper Duwamish Waterway Maintenance Dredging and Disposal, FY 2020 through 2035Draft EADraft Duwamish EA 2020-2035 for public comment with appenidices.pdf
6/19/2018DuwamishUpper Duwamish Waterway Maintenance Dredging and Disposal, FY 2020 through 2035Public NoticeDuwamish Dredging FY 2020 - 2035 Public Notice 2018 Final.pdf
6/15/2018Snohomish RiverEverett Harbor and Snohomish River Maintenance Dredging and Disposal 2019-2034Public NoticePublic Notice Everett Harbor Snohomish River Dredge and Disposal 2019-2034.pdf
6/15/2018Snohomish RiverEverett Harbor and Snohomish River Maintenance Dredging and Disposal 2019-2034Draft EA-CWA Section 404 Public Interest Review-CZMEverett Harbor and Snohomish River Dredging and Disposal EA-404 2019-2034_with appendices.pdf
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