Ginny Dierich

Deputy District Engineer for Programs & Project Management

Published May 15, 2019
Elizabeth “Ginny” Dierich is the Deputy District Engineer, Project Management and Chief, Planning, Programs & Project Management Division, Seattle District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and has held this position since March 2019.
In her capacity as the senior civilian in Seattle District she is responsible for the full range of management decisions related to major Civil, Military, Environmental, and Interagency & International Support (IIS) programs. In recent years the programs have ranged between $500 and $800 million. She is responsible to provide leadership in technical functions including planning, engineering, construction, real estate, contracting and resource management.  She also assures establishment of corporate goals on project scopes, schedules, and budgets. She is responsible for forecasting workload related to military construction and support for other programs, prioritizing civil works program elements, and directs the preparation, compilation, review, analysis, and submission of data for the districts civil works program budget. In addition Dierich supervises a staff of approximately 95 program and project managers, program and budget analysts, technical, administrative and support team members.

Prior to her current assignment, Dierich recently served as Chief of the Military, Environmental and IIS Branch, Programs and Project Management Division, Seattle District, USACE from 2009 to 2019.  In this role, she oversaw the execution of large programs including major military construction for the Army and Air Force across a four-state area, environmental remediation and restoration work across the region and major construction for agencies including Department of Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, Department of Interior and other military services.
Prior to this assignment she held the position as Chief, Environmental Management Branch, Seattle District, from 2005 to January 2009. Ginny Dierich was the Project Manager for the Fort Lewis Logistics Center during the Remedial Design/Remedial Action phase in the late 1980s. From 1994-1998 she served as the Chief, Environmental Engineering and Technology Section managing 15-20 engineers and scientists. In 1998 she took a position as the EPA Support Program Manager for the Corps Seattle District and the overall Bunker Hill Project Manager.  
Dierich has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Seattle University. She holds a Professional Engineering License in Mechanical Engineering. In addition, she holds certifications as a Project Management Professional for Facilities Engineering Level 3 as well as Corps of Engineers Project Management Level 2. 
Dierich’s awards include a Seattle District Commander’s Award for Civilian Service, a Northwest Division Commanders Award for Civilian Service, an EPA/Corps joint Leadership Award, a Seattle District Engineer of the Year award and a Chief of Engineers Coin for Customer Service Excellence. 
Dierich is originally from Portland, Oregon.

She volunteers with Girl Scouts of Western Washington and her faith community.