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Current Civilian Opportunities

These positions are open at locations throughout the Seattle District. See job listings for application instructions, as some are not listed through USAJOBS. Check back regularly for new listings!

In Demand Positions

These positions have frequent openings and can be found here and on USAJOBS. Please contact listed hiring managers to identify if openings are available. When applying, make your resume searchable--this allows our hiring managers and/or recruiters to locate and download your resume for consideration as future positions become vacant.


  • Electrician Series: WY-2805-08/ WY-2805-10 $29.03 - $36.54/hr 

Location: Mud Mountain Dam, Enumclaw, WA

Serves as the journeyman Electrician at an exciting flood control dam, Mud Mountain Dam just east of Enumclaw, WA. Responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of all electrical equipment and systems at assigned installation(s). Implements and maintains a program of scheduled inspections, test operations, preventive maintenance and repair/replacement of electrical dam equipment and controls. 

This vacancy is listed on USAJobs and you can also contact the hiring manager directly at: kevin.s.heape@usace.army.mil with your contact information, statement of interest, and your resume.


  • Laborer Series: WY-3502-03 $21.17 - $24.71/hr 

Location: Mud Mountain Dam Fish Passage Facility, Buckley, WA

Work at the Nation’s largest trap and haul fish passage facility supporting Mud Mountain Dam. Operates various mechanical equipment and systems of the facility, identifies fish by species and maintain accurate records, performs duties in support of the operation and maintenance of the facility including operating equipment, maintains workspaces, moving equipment and cargo.  Majority of work is outdoors.

This vacancy is listed on USAJobs and you can also contact the hiring manager directly at: kevin.s.heape@usace.army.mil with your contact information, statement of interest, and your resume.


  • Lock & Dam Operator  Series: WY-5426-03/05/06/07/08  $21.72 - $33.87/hr

Location: Lake Washington Ship Canal, Seattle, WA

Help commercial and recreational boats lock through the Ballard Locks!  Incumbent participates in a formalized training and development program for lock and dam operator personnel that includes on-the-job training, classroom instruction, and related correspondence courses. As a trainee at a Corps of Engineers navigation facility within the Inland Marine Transportation System (IMTS), participates in essentially all aspects of site activity involving operation and maintenance of electrically/electronically or hydraulically controlled lock gates, control valves and related equipment such as dam gates inclusive of manually operated wicket gates at sites where they exist, and other site structures and facilities such as lock buildings, lighting systems, grounds maintenance. Employees may be assigned to shift work; shift schedules vary by work location.

The job is listed on USAJobs and you can also contact the hiring manager directly at Nicole.j.iredale@usace.army.mil with your contact information, statement of interest, and your resume.


  • Lock & Dam Mechanic Series: WY-5318-10  $31.25 - $36.54/hr

Location: Lake Washington Ship Canal, Seattle, WA

Join our great team and maintain this beautiful historic structure by serving as equipment mechanic at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (Ballard Locks). Conduct maintenance and repairs on all lock operating equipment, spillway, pumping plant, fish ladder and garden machinery. This includes (but is not limited to): two 30-inch centrifugal pumps, 6 capstans for pulling tows through locks or closing gates, Lock Gate Valves, 75 ton stiff leg crane; warehouse and garage bridge cranes, shop equipment and machine tools consisting of various size lathes drill presses, surface grinder, circular saw, electric welding machines, milling machine, shaper, planes and blacksmiths forge and hamms, and diesel driven work boat. Performs combination welding and brazing, disassembles, assembles and completely reconditions engines. Ascertains extent of repair requirements to return engines to proper running order. 

This vacancy will be listed on USAJobs but you can also contact the hiring manager directly now at Nicole.j.iredale@usace.army.mil with your contact information, statement of interest, and your resume.


  • Realty Specialist Series: GS-1170-07/09  $23.67 - $37.63/hr

Location(s): Oldtown, ID; Libby, MT; Seattle, WA

Supports the Real Estate Division's mission to provide acquisition, management, and disposal of real estate for the organization. Plans and executes real property acquisitions, real estate documentation/file validation and storage. Performs duties of Real Estate Information Systems Coordinator.


  • Financial Management Analyst  Series: GS-0510-07/11 $23.67 - $45.53/hr

Location: Seattle, WA

This is a developmental position for a Financial Management Analyst within the Resource Management Branch. Position is responsible for applying knowledge of accounting, budgeting, and resource management practices in the examination and analysis of various budgets in support of USACE programs and projects; performing financial analysis of data in collaboration with other analysts and accountants, as well as numerous program and project managers, to support the district’s mission across the Pacific Northwest.


  • Managerial Accountant  Series: GS-0510-07/11 $23.67 - $45.53/hr

Location: Seattle, WA

Serves as a Managerial Accountant providing accounting technical expertise in support of military, civil works, or revolving fund programs. At the developmental level you will receive training and closer supervision until you reach the target grade (GS-11).

Duties of this position include, but are not limited to: applying professional, comprehensive knowledge of accounting theories, practices, techniques, automated systems and regulations to process a wide variety of transactions, monitoring a large number of operating accounts and evaluate account balances, trends, and conditions, analyzing accounting reports to make comments and recommendations to higher graded accountants, making recommendations to modify existing procedures to ensure compliance with accounting instructions received from higher authorities, preparation of accounting data required by various elements, certifying propriety and availability of funds prior to release of the obligating documents, providing accounting advice, assistance, and recommendations to customers relating to the solution of accounting problems, implementation of new or changed regulations, procedures, and new systems.


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