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Mission and Vision

Seattle District Mission
Provide service to the Armed Forces and a Nation at peace or war by designing, constructing, operating, and permitting military / civil works infrastructure and projects that build the Nation's military and long term economic might in an environmentally sustainable way. On order, execute Emergency Operations in support of local, state and federal agencies.

Army Corps of Engineers Vision
Engineering solutions for our Nation’s toughest challenges.

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Seattle District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
PO Box 3755
Seattle, WA 98124-3755

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Seattle District

Seattle District
Seattle District provides military and civil public works services as well as support for other agencies. The district also plays a key role in environmental protection and improvement—from protecting wetlands to ecological restoration and cleaning up hazardous and toxic waste pollution.

Seattle District’s civil works boundaries encompass 99,000 square miles and contain 4,700 miles of shoreline. The boundaries include the Columbia River system upstream of the mouth of the Yakima River, much of eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and western Montana to the Continental Divide.

In cooperation with local sponsors (such as counties and dike districts), the Seattle District plans, designs and builds flood risk management, navigation, water supply and ecosystem restoration projects. Through collaboration with our partners, the Corps provides comprehensive, innovative, sustainable solutions to water resources problems.

District Leadership

     Col John G. Buck

  Lt. Col. Andrew Y. Park
Deputy Commander

Olton Swanson
Deputy District Engineer