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Suitability Determinations and Other Decision Documents

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Description DMMP ID EIM Study ID Public Notice Document
14-Aug-14 City of Tukwila, Duwamish Gardens Habitat Restoration --- --- NWS-2011-1999 Tier 1 suitability
25-Jun-14 NAS Whidbey Island Fuel Pier --- --- NWS-2013-245; NWS-2011-1028 recency extension
25-Jun-14 USACE, Hiram Chittenden Locks, Seattle --- --- --- Tier 1 suitability
25-Jun-14 Wahkiakum County Ferry Terminal, Columbia River --- --- --- Tier 1 suitability
12-Aug-14 USACE Tokeland Marina, Willapa Bay --- --- NWS-2008-164-SO recency extension



Date Description DMMP ID # EIM Study ID Public Notice # Document
19-Mar-14 Bridgehaven Marina, Squamish Harbor, Jefferson County       Tier 1 suitability
08-Jul-13 Cape George Marina, Discovery Bay, Jefferson County CGCCM-1-X-O-340 CGCCM13 NWS-2013-108 Tier 1 suitability
22-Jul-13 City of Stevenson, Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall --- ---   Tier 1 suitability
07-Nov-13 Coast Seafoods South Bend, Willapa Bay --- --- NWS-2012-1350 Tier 1 suitability
19-Sep-13 Duwamish Yacht Club, Duwamish River DUWYC-1-A-F-338 DUWYC12   suitability
26-Jul-13 Kittitas County Boat Ramp --- KITCO13 NWS-2012-944 suitability
13-Feb-14 Longview Fibre/Kapstone Kraft Paper, Cowlitz County --- LVFIB13   suitability
02-Oct-13 MJB Properties Travelift, Anacortes MJBTR-1-A-F-343 MJBTR13 NWS-2012-1111 suitability
01-Nov-13 Olympia Yacht Club, Budd Inlet OLYYC-1-A-F-329   NWS-2012-793 recency
12-Feb-14 Port of Anacortes, Pier 2 PA2CW-1-A-F-332 PA2CW12 NWS-2013-00056 recency
16-Sep-13 Port of Grays Harbor, Terminals 2, 3 & 4 POGHT-1-A-F-245
2007-1789-SO frequency; volume inc.
10-Jul-13 Port of Olympia, Berths 1, 2, 3 & Swantown Boatworks OLYBS-2-A-336 OLYBS13 NWS-2012-1098 antidegradation
01-Oct-13 Port of Seattle, Terminal 5 POST5-1-A-F-342 POST513 NWS-2009-1559-WRD suitability
04-Mar-14 Puyallup Tribal Terminal/SSA Containers, Blair Waterway PTTCB-1-A-F-266 PTTCB266 NWS-2009-906 dioxin update; recency
27-Feb-14 Seattle Public Utilities, Chester Morse Lake Pump Plant CMLPP-A-348-14 CMLPP14 NWS-2014-247-WRD suitability
11-Jun-14 Seattle Public Utilities, Chester Morse Lake Pump Plant     NWS-2014-247-WRD volume revision
22-Jul-13 Silver King LLC, Clallam County SKLLC-1-A-341   NWS-2013-809 suitability
06-Mar-14 Tahuya Basin Homeowners Assoc., Hood Canal --- ---   Tier 1 suitability
31-Jul-13 USACE Duwamish, Spokane St. Bridge DUWSU-1-B-O-337 DUWSU12 CENWS-OD-TS-NS-39 suitability
03-Jan-14 USACE Grays Harbor, Channel Operation & Mainte