Regional General Permits

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A reg­ional­ general permit (RGP) is a Department of the Army authorization that is issued on a regional (limited geographic scope) basis for a category of activities when those activities are substantially similar in nature and cause only minimal individual and cumulative impacts on the aquatic environment.

Each RGP has specific terms and conditions of which all mu­st be met in order for an applicant to qualify for an RGP. If your project does not comply with all of the terms and conditions, authorization may be received via another type of Department of the Army permit; however, the process will likely be a lengthier process. Therefore, to expedite our review of your application, we recommend you modify your project to meet all terms and conditions of the applicable RGP.





 RGP#  Description, Terms, and Conditions  Expiration
 4 Overwater Structures in Southern Lake Chelan (Full Text - 22 Nov 2021) 22 Nov 2026

RGP-4 General Conditions

Water Quality Certification

 6 Structures in Inland Marine Waters (Full Text - 12 Feb 2020)  20 April 2022 Appendix A and B: List of Requirements and Mitigation Calculator           

Appendix A: List of Requirements (PDF fillable)


 8 U.S. Forest Service Aquatic Restoration Program Within Washington State (Main Text - 12 Feb 2020)  April 2022

Attachment A: Categories of Authorized Activities

Attachment B: Water Quality Certification

 9  Port of Chehalis Industrial Developments Within Washington State  23 October 2023  Terms and Conditions


Questions regarding the RGP process: Please contact Kristina Tong, telephone (206) 764-6913.

Questions regarding expired RGP 1: Please contact Karen Urelius, telephone (206) 764-3482.

Questions regarding RGP 4: Please contact Kristina Tong, telephone (206) 764-6913.

Questions regarding RGP 7: Please contact Karen Urelius, telephone (206) 764-3482.

Questions regarding RGP 8: Please contact Darren Habel, telephone (206) 764-6883.

Questions regarding RGP 9: Please contact David Martin, telephone (206) 764-6648.