Army Corps to begin two-month dredging operations at Everett Harbor, Snohomish River, December 18

Published Oct. 19, 2022
A commercial vessel is lowering a dredging claw to remove sediment in Everett Harbor along the Snohomish River.

Photo of commercial vessel Swan Island completing dredging operations along the Snohomish River, in 2019. (Photo courtesy JE McAnnis, Inc.)

A tugboat is returning the barge and leaving the area along the Snohomish River.

Photo of a tugboat returning the barge and leaving the area along the Snohomish River. (Photo courtesy JE McAnnis, Inc.)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will begin maintenance dredging of the lower settling basin of Everett Harbor and Snohomish River Dec. 18, 2022. Operations will run 24/7 and are expected to be completed by Feb 14, 2023.

The dredging operations will involve a clamshell dredge removing approximately 190,000 cubic yards of accumulated sediment from the lower settling basin, placing the material on a barge. The barged material will be towed and disposed at the Department of Natural Resources’ Port Gardner open water disposal site in Puget Sound, Washington.

Environmental documentation required for this project was completed in compliance with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The sediment was tested and found suitable for open water placement by the Dredged Material Management Program (DMMP). Dredging will be performed during the designated in-water environmental work window (Oct. 16, 2022 - Feb. 14, 2023) to avoid impact to salmon outmigration. 

Waterway users are advised to exercise caution when around the dredging operations. In addition to the dredge, barges, and tow boats, work boats may also be used during the dredging operations. Boaters are encouraged to avoid the area during this period, if possible. If not, they are advised to slow down, pass on the marina side of the dredge, pay attention to rig markings, and be cautious around the dredging operations.

Dredging operations will create minimal noise, which can be amplified and travel long distance over open water and the use of nighttime work lights may impact properties along the channel.

One of the Seattle District’s primary missions is to maintain the navigation channels and harbors in the Pacific Northwest. Maintenance and navigation dredging are performed frequently in harbor areas, ports, and marinas. A significant component of Washington State’s economy relies on navigation and commerce, which requires dredging state waterways such as Everett Harbor and Snohomish River.

Nicole L. Celestine

Release no. 22-017