International Kootenay Lake Board of Control to hold public meeting Sept. 12

Published Sept. 6, 2013

SEATTLE – The International Kootenay Lake Board of Control will hold a public meeting Sept. 12 in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.  The annual meeting will review operation requirements for Corra Linn Dam by Fortis BC under the International Joint Commission’s Orders of Approval, and the associated Kootenay Lake water levels for 2013.

The Board will hear comments from the public regarding their concerns and suggestions on the Board’s activities. 

The meeting will be held 7:00 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 12, at the Prestige Lakeside Resort, 701 Lakeside Drive, Nelson, BC.  A similar meeting was held last year, and will be held again next year, in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

The International Kootenay Lake Board of Control chairs are Bruno Tassone for the Canadian Section and Col. Bruce Estok for the United States Section.

For more information about the meeting, contact Gwyn Graham in Canada at 604-664-4052, or Amy Reese in the United States at 206-764-3595.

Release no. 13-043