Army Corps of Engineers recommends plan for Skokomish River Basin Ecosystem Restoration

Published Jan. 31, 2014

SEATTLE - Officials from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Skokomish Indian Tribe, and Mason County have identified a recommended plan to address ecosystem restoration problems in the Skokomish River Basin.

The plan includes a number of projects including a levee removal, construction of setback levees, placement of large woody debris in the river, and side channel reconnections. The recommended plan restores an estimated 330 acres of habitat for fish and wildlife species in the Skokomish River Basin.

The purpose of the Skokomish River Basin Ecosystem Restoration Study is to evaluate significant ecosystem degradation in the basin; to formulate, evaluate, and screen potential solutions to these problems; and to recommend a series of actions and projects for construction.

Mason County and the Skokomish Indian Tribe are the non-federal project sponsors working with the Corps to complete this feasibility study.

Public meetings will be scheduled in February 2014 to provide an overview of the recommended plan and other study updates to interested parties.

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Release no. 14-002