Corps of Engineers wrapping up flood protection work

Published Dec. 11, 2014

Army Corps of Engineers teams are completing flood protection measures in the Skagit River basin and on the Olympic Peninsula.

One team is assisting the Quileute Tribe at La Push, Wash., with placement of as much as 500 tons of large rock at an area where a jetty ties in with the land and is at risk of breaching and flooding the community.  Another Corps team is completing work for Skagit River basin Diking Districts 1 and 17 to repair eroded areas.

On Wednesday the Corps oversaw construction to build up 200 feet of the Hoh River coastal revetment an area eroded by Tuesday’s storm and sent sandbags to the City of Aberdeen and the Sauk-Suiattle and Hoh Tribes for their flood response measures.

The Corps’ Seattle District emergency operations center and reservoir control center will conclude 24-hour operations this evening.

“The Corps responded to requests for support to local and Tribal governments,” said Doug Weber, the Seattle District’s Emergency Management Branch Chief.  “After flooding the Corps can also assist local communities with levee repairs if their levees are part of the Corps’ Levee Rehabilitation and Inspection Program.”

Public Law 84-99 enables the Corps to assist state and local authorities in flood fight activities and cost share in the repair of flood protection structures. The purpose is to prevent loss of life and minimize property damage associated with severe weather.

Private citizens seeking sandbags should contact their local government offices. 

The National Weather Service issues flood watches and warnings and should be consulted for that information.

Public Affairs Office

Release no. 14-054