Army Corps begins repairs on Bertrand Levees

Published Aug. 24, 2015

SEATTLE – Repairs to the Bertrand Creek levees kickoff in earnest today as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ officials commence construction on six separate sites, totaling 1,500 feet, located on the left and right banks of Bertrand Creek near Lynden, Washington.

Damages were caused during a January 2015 flood event which overtopped a levee causing erosion, scour, sloughing and a loss of riprap armor.  In addition, seepage was observed on the landward slope and levee toe prior to overtopping.  In their damaged condition, the levees’ level of flood protection was reduced from a 5-year flood protection level to just a one-year level.

Repairs include restoring the levee embankment material and placing armor rock to reduce potential flood damage to protect the levees from high flows.

Construction on the $410,000 project is expected to be complete by mid-September, restoring the levees to their pre-flood level of protection.  Under a cost share agreement, the Corps pays for 80 percent of project costs and Whatcom County Flood Control Zone District picks up the remaining 20 percent as the non-federal sponsor.

Throughout the planning process, the Corps worked closely with Whatcom County along with a number of Tribes and interested local, state and federal agencies.

Release no. 15-032