Chittenden Locks small chamber closing for annual maintenance

Published March 7, 2016

Crews will conduct maintenance and safety inspections during the small chamber closure. Foot traffic will not be affected and the large lock will continue around-the-clock operations for vessels. Lock wall staff will get commercial traffic through as quickly as possible.

All pleasure boats will use the large lock and boaters should be prepared with appropriate equipment and crew. Large lock requirements include long lines and fenders on board. Current locking through information is available at Mariners may experience delays, depending on passage demand.

Most machinery and equipment, including the gates and valves, are original to the 99-year-old facility. The annual closure gives dam safety experts and maintenance staff the chance to dry out the chambers for thorough inspections and to make necessary repairs. The routine maintenance is important to project safety and continued operation as the locks approach their 100-year anniversary.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers owns and operates the Chittenden Locks. The busiest in the nation, nearly 50,000 vessels lock through each year.

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Bill Dowell

Release no. 16-007